Monday, September 30, 2013

Greetings . . . and then some!

Hi, everyone! I have some exciting personal news that I've been dying to tell you. I really wanted to share it with you when it first happened about a month ago, but I decided to wait for all the newness to settle first.

It now feels like the time is I'd love to finally let you in on my little secret: I recently accepted a new position. 

It's part-time (which is perfect for me). It's creative beyond belief. And it's with one of the best companies to work for. Anywhere. Drum roll, please...

I now work for American Greetings.

Yep, I'm a Marketing Editor with their Interactive Group. I work with an incredibly talented group of content marketing writers, designers, social media gurus, coders, and programmers. We work on everything having to do with the marketing of,,, and If you haven't already visited these awesome greeting card and social expression sites, please do so. Asap. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist that last shameless plug.)

My new job is fun. It's exciting. And it feels so right.

My new home away from home (which is still a work-in-progress)

My new nameplate
One of the building's many light-filled atriums

I work at the company's world headquarters, which has a beyond-marvelous central area called the Town Square (see below). There's a Starbucks on one side, chairs and tables in the middle (for mingling, meeting, and brainstorming!), and a company card store/gift shop on the other side.

Photo: Columbus College of Art & Design

One day, I approached the store's manager about carrying my book, and she was thrilled to stock it for company employees. Here's what the new display looks like:

Which brings me to my parting thought:

Why not consider offering my book as a company holiday gift this year? 

If not for a company you own or work for, then for a company of a friend or family member.

Last year, a number of business owners -- both large and small -- bought my book to give to their employees as a thank-you gift for the holiday season. They included doctors, dentists, accountants, gourmet shops, insurance companies, and more.

This book makes a really great gift because, let's admit it, everyone loves food. And everyone's proud of our great city. And yes, everyone is also really interested/curious/nosy to find out -- and be able to duplicate -- what Cleveland's best chefs prepare for their own last-minute guests in one hour or less.

If interested, just get in touch with me. I'd be happy to have the books personally autographed for your recipients and to offer you a free gift with every purchase. (Click here for more info on my mini-whisk giveaways.)

The holidays will seriously be here before you know it. They really will. Why not be prepared for once?

'Til next time, greetings to all!

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