Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 Ways to Use Your Mini Whisk

If you happened to buy a book at one of my book signings, you got a mini whisk. It's my free gift-with-purchase giveaway. My way of saying thank you for your support. (For the whole story on how this idea came about, click here.)

And if you got one, you probably also heard me tell you that it's a really practical little kitchen tool.

I'm sure you believe me, but let me tell you again: There are soooo many different ways to use it! Want examples? Actually, 10 of them? Here goes.

Vinaigrette - If you're just making a small batch of vinaigrette for a single or double serving of salad, a mini whisk is the perfect size. No need to pull out the full-size version. For a tasty vinaigrette recipe, click here.

Scrambled Eggs or Omelet - If you want to just whip up a couple eggs, a mini whisk is exactly the right size. For a delicious omelet recipe, click here.

Hot Cocoa - If you're just planning to make one cup of hot cocoa at a time, a mini whisk works wonders as compared to a spoon. In fact, whip it up extra quick and you'll achieve a little froth as a bonus. For a rich homemade hot cocoa recipe, click here.

Egg Wash - If you want to achieve a beautiful, shiny, golden brown coloring on anything from biscuits to pie crust, you'll need to paint it with a little egg (yolk, white, or whole) wash first. And this is the perfect time to whip out that mini whisk. For a useful basic recipe, click here.

Pancake Batter - You never want to overwhip pancake batter lest it get too tough. For just a few servings, a mini whisk gets the job done well. For a great pancake recipe that serves just one person, click here.

Dipping Sauce - When you're just mixing a few ingredients into a liquid base for a dipping sauce, a mini whisk is the ideal-sized utensil. For a top-rated dipping oil recipe, click here.

Kid Cooking/Baking - When kids are helping you out in the kitchen, a mini whisk is the perfect size for their cute little hands. For a healthy and easy kid recipe, click here.

Cocktails - There's no need to make things sloppy and messy by using a full-sized whisk when mixing just a few drinks. For over 12,000 cocktail recipes, click here.

Dry Rub - If you're only making a small batch of dry rub, a mini whisk fits the bill exactly. For 10 top meat rub recipes, click here.

Yeast - When you need to stir your yeast into your warm liquid, nothing beats using a mini whisk to complete the job. For a great cinnamon bread recipe, click here.

What other uses do you have for your mini whisk?

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