Saturday, August 25, 2012

RIP, Sergio

There is news that saddens you, and there is news that shocks you. The news of Sergio Abramof's sudden death on Friday, August 24, did both for me.

As you may or may not know, Sergio is a featured chef in my book. Without exception, during all my dealings with this talented chef, whether over the phone, via e-mail, or in person, he was the quintessential gentleman. Kind, warm, generous, gregarious, thoughtful, and friendly -- almost to a fault.

There's one more thing I have to -- rather, want to -- confess. His Shrimp Santos recipe in my book brought me to heaven and back. It is simple but absolutely beyond delicious. It is quite possibly my favorite recipe in the book. Seriously. I will think of him with the fondest of memories every time I make it.

RIP our dear friend. Cleveland will miss you terribly.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy 100th, Julia!

August 15 was Julia Child's birthday. She would have been 100, God bless her. And people all over the world were celebrating her special day...including a wonderful group I belong to called Les Dames d'Escoffier.

As a member of a 3-person committee in charge of putting together a Julia Child birthday party, I am happy to say the event turned out to be quite a success. It was held at Beachcliff Cabinet & Design in Rocky River, and members brought dishes made from authentic Julia Child recipes, which included:

Vichyssoise (Cold Leek & Potato Soup)

Salade Nicoise (Mediterranean Combination Salad)
Salade a la Supremes de Volaille Froid (Salad of Cold Chicken Breast)
Salade a la d'Argenson (Rice & Beet Salad)
Reine de Saba (Queen of Sheba Chocolate Almond Cake)
We also had Quiche Lorraine and Spinach Quiche (which I stupidly forgot to photograph), as well as French bread, herbed butter, and French wines. Members and their guests dressed like Julia in a white blouse, black skirt or slacks, and -- of course -- a string of pearls  (see photo below).

Me (on the right) and my committee members

The entertainment included a Julia Child impersonator, ongoing TV episodes of Julia Child's show, and a voice imitation contest, which was a real hoot!

What a great night. Here's to you, Julia! And as she would say, "Bon appetit!"