Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Name Dropping

Ok, so by now, most of you know the name of my book. (And if you don't, here's a not-so-subtle hint: In the Kitchen with Cleveland's Favorite Chefs.)

And by now, most of you may even know the subtitle of my book. (Another not-so-subtle hint: 35 Fabulous Meals in About an Hour.)

But what most of you may not know are the names of all the superstar chefs in my book. Until now, that is...

Without further ado and with great pride, I present to you the complete roster of who's who in my book:

  1. Sergio Abramof - chef/owner of Sergio's and SARAVA
  2. Michael Annandono - executive chef/owner of Michaelangelo's
  3. Dave Apthorpe - executive chef of Leutner Cafe at Case Western Reserve University
  4. Ben Bebenroth - chef/owner of Spice of Life Catering and Spice Kitchen+Bar
  5. Jonathan Bennett - chef/partner of Moxie, Red, and Rosso Italia
  6. Tim Birkley - executive chef of Johnny's Bar
  7. Dante Boccuzzi - chef/owner of DANTE, Ginko, the D.C. Pasta Co., and DBA
  8. Zachary Bruell - chef/owner of Parallax, L'Albatros, Chinato, Table 45, and Cowell & Hubbard
  9. Shawn Cline - corporate executive chef of Blue Point Grille, Cabin Club, Delmonico's, Rosewood, and Salmon Dave's 
  10. Ellis Cooley - former executive chef of AMP 150
  11. Paul Courtwright - executive chef of Shoreby Club
  12. John D'Amico - chef/partner of Chez Francois, Riverfront Cafe, and Touche
  13. Matt Del Regno - executive chef of Levy Restaurants at Cleveland Browns Stadium
  14. Brandt Evans - chef/owner of Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern and Pura Vida
  15. Matt Fish - chef/owner of Melt Bar & Grilled
  16. Carmella Fragassi - chef/owner of La Campagna
  17. Heather Haviland - chef/owner of Lucky's Cafe and Sweet Mosaic
  18. Randal Johnson - chef/owner of Molinari's
  19. Pete Joyce - former executive chef/partner of Bistro on Lincoln Park
  20. Marlin Kaplan - former chef/owner of Luxe Kitchen & Lounge and Dragonfly
  21. John Kolar - chef/owner of Thyme2
  22. Nolan Konkoski - chef/owner of SOHO Kitchen & Bar
  23. Zach Ladner - executive chef of Giovanni's
  24. Vid Lutz - production & development chef at Nestle Professional
  25. James Major - former executive chef of Cleveland Indians Dining
  26. Matt Mathlage - executive chef/owner of Light Bistro
  27. Loretta Paganini - executive chef/owner of The Loretta Paganini School of Cooking and Sapore
  28. Jim Perko - executive chef of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute
  29. Regan Reik - executive chef of Pier W
  30. Jonathon Sawyer - chef/owner of The Greenhouse Tavern and Noodlecat
  31. Steve Schimoler - chef/owner of Crop Bistro & Bar
  32. Karen Small - executive chef/owner of The Flying Fig
  33. Rachael Spieth - executive chef of Georgetown (formerly Three Birds)
  34. Michael Symon - chef/partner/owner of Lola, Lolita, and B Spot, and chef/partner of Roast
  35. Eric Williams - executive chef/owner of Momocho and chef/partner of Happy Dog
Hope you're as excited to find out what they're cooking up in their kitchens as I was!

Michael Symon
Dante Boccuzzi

Zack Bruell

Jonathon Sawyer

Karen Small


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

This book is on my Christmas list for sure! And if Santa doesn't come through, I'm registering for it for our wedding. Great lineup!

Maria Isabella said...

I gotta admit, this book does make a great gift, be it for Christmas or a wedding. Thanks for also seeing it my way! :)