Monday, June 17, 2013

A Cupcake for Every Day of the Month

You gotta admit, cupcakes are really all the rage now. "But what, seriously, is the big deal?" you ask. Well...
  • They're really awfully cute. Adorable, actually.
  • They're incredibly versatile. 
  • They're individually sized (which I particularly love). 
  • They're pretty inexpensive.
  • And they're extra fun to make!
 Honestly, what more could you possibly ask for in a dessert?!

Sure, you could always go out and buy an extra-luscious cupcake at any one of our fabulous local cupcakeries (yes, that's a word!). For instance, we've got A Cookie & A Cupcake in Tremont; Colossal Cupcakes in downtown Cleveland; Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Rocky River, and Medina; The Cleveland Cupcake Company; and even Auts Tipse Treats (which features alcohol-infused cupcakes), to name just a few.

But when you consider how relatively easy they are to bake, I simply say, why the heck not? So take out your mixing bowl and wooden spoon right now, folks, and start baking!

To give you some wonderful ideas (and recipes) to get you started -- actually one a day for a whole month -- here you go! You're in for a real treat. Thirty-one of them.

P.S. Each recipe makes about 1 dozen cupcakes. 

All photos & recipes courtesy of Ming Thompson


Shannon said...

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Maria Isabella said...

So glad! :)

Krista said...

Did you make all of these? Where did you find all of these amazing recipe ideas? :)

Maria Isabella said...

I'm still working on getting through all of these, sweet version at a time. The recipes/photos are courtesy of amateur baker, Ming Thompson. Which one is your favorite?

Krista said...

Cool. OMG I think it is impossible to choose just one favorite, but I'm very intrigued by the Sour Cream & Fig and The Port Wine & Cherry. NUM NUM NUMs.