Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Seeking Reviewers

There are many rewards in life. Finding the love of your life. Marrying him (or her). Having children. Having those children all turn out great (as in my case). And being able to realize your dreams.

One of those dreams -- for me -- was writing a book. And I did it.

But there's one more added reward that I never sought...or anticipated...or expected. And that is, having my book on Amazon.

Now, you may think that's pretty petty. But Amazon is indeed pretty big. Pretty huge, actually. As in, they have over 8 million book titles. Eight MILLION! And right now (as of this minute), my book is ranked #18,593. (Did I mention that's out of 8 MILLION?)

Anyway, as happy as that makes me, there's just one thing missing: a reader review.

I love reader reviews. Since I've been shopping on Amazon (which has been quite a few years now), these reviews have helped me decide whether to buy a product or not. And I love reading what others have to say about their experience, whether it's about a toy, or a kitchen gadget, or a book.

Which brings me to my request.

If you've already bought my book...and if you've read it...and if you have an opinion about it, would you kindly leave a review on my Amazon page?

All you have to do is go to this page and write your heart out.

(Note: I would have loved to give out a prize for the first one penned, but that would have sounded suspiciously like a bribe. And that just wouldn't do.)

So feel free to write soon -- and I'll be posting some of those reviews right here in an upcoming post. Thanks, folks!

Yours truly,

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