Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh What a Night!

Last night. October 11, 2012. It was a night dreams are made of.

The place was Barnes & Noble in Crocker Park, Westlake. The time was 7pm.

First, Karen Small of the Flying Fig arrived with her delectable signature scones. (And for those of you fortunate enough to have tried them, now you can reproduce them yourselves. The recipe is in my book!)

That's Karen Small to the left, setting up her wonderful scones.

Then Bobbie Werner, the community relations manager for Barnes & Noble and my good friend, set up the coffee.

The lovely Bobbie Werner to the right.

People started coming. In droves.

My family came. My three children who live out of town were there in spirit. My relatives came. My friends old and new came. My colleagues old and new came. My publisher came. Several chefs from the book came. Even babies came!

Kathleen (McGinty) Basen with her little one, Abigail

I gave a short speech. I got choked up. Then I started signing books...and more books...and even more books.

For those of you there that night, I apologize the line got so long. I really wanted to write meaningful inscriptions and let you all know just how grateful I was that you came.

I wanted to chat with everyone who came!

The night ended. We packed up. We went home.

Then I slowly fell asleep -- with a smile on my face and much gratitude in my heart.

It was, indeed, quite a wonderful night.

Me and my wonderful mom


dragi said...

nice pics, but i'm partial to the last one, maria!
congrats again,
your brother dragi

Cathy said...

What a wonderful way to launch your fabulous new cookbook! So excited for you!!