Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cooking, Italian Style

I have the pleasure to promote my book in many different ways. Through book signings. Public talks. Round-table discussions. Broadcast interviews. Even private parties.

But one of the most rewarding ones is teaching a cooking class...which is exactly what I did last night at Solari's, a lovely boutique shop in Rocky River that carries the most beautiful ceramics imported directly from Italy.

I got there an hour early. And with assistance from my willing sous chefs (aka my husband and daughter), I got set up and was rarin' to go in no time.

The class was sold out with 15 people attending. They trickled in a few at a time, but by 7pm, they were all in their seats and eager to get started.

A more gracious bunch you couldn't find anywhere else. After I introduced myself, I told them a little bit about my book and how it all came out. Then the real fun began!

My menu was based on four Italian dishes from my book:

Appetizer: Italian Orange/Fennel Salad (from Carmella Fragassi of La Campagna)
Entree: Pan-Seared Black Sea Bass with Artichoke Puree (from Michael Annandono of Michaelangelo's)
Side: Porcini Risotto with Truffles (again from Michael Annandono of Michaelangelo's)
Dessert: Port and Honey-Glazed Pears with Vanilla Ice Cream (from Dante Boccuzzi of Dante)

After chopping, and dicing, and slicing, and julienning (is that even a word?), and searing, and stirring, and reducing, and pouring...

...the dishes were demoed, prepped, and served -- to lots of oohs and ahhs.

I think everyone -- but most of all me! -- enjoyed themselves very much.

Lucky me. I'm so glad I get to do these types of things. Here's to many more ahead.

Buon appetito a tutti!


Carlinne @Cook with 2 Chicks said...

How fabulous! My favorite pic. is you in your chef garb :)

Maria Isabella said...

Hahaha. I bought the jacket on sale for only $5. But the only size they had left was an XL, so as you can see, I'm swimming in it. Oh well...