Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dear Chef, I Was Just Wondering...

 White Chef's Hat on Grey Cloth

Hello Dear Readers,

Do you happen to have a burning question you've always wanted to ask a chef about...

...a particularly hard-to-master recipe?

 Stuffed fish on plate

...a confusing prep term?

Julienne vegetables on a chopping board with a knife

...a tricky cooking technique?

Tomatoes being blanched in boiling water

...or an unusual ingredient?

Watermelon Radishes

Well, ask away!

That's because I'm dedicating this post to all of your personal culinary questions as posed in the "Comments" section below.

I'll then have one of the 35 top chefs in my book (In the Kitchen with Cleveland's Favorite Chefs) answer you back through this post. Think of it as your own personal Q&A session. And everyone benefits! (You're quite welcome.)

Now leave your question below...

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