Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let the New Year Begin!

As I reflect on this past month, I have to admit it has truly been a whirlwind of activity!

First, there were the events surrounding my book to wrap up. From talks and demos and cooking classes. Each and every one of them was truly fun and exciting -- and if you were there at all, thanks for your support!

Then, there was all the baking and cooking. (If you missed my post on that, you can read it here.)

Then, there were the kids and grandkids and significant others arriving from all parts of the country, from New York City to Wappingers Falls to Charlotte. (Confession: This was the absolute best part of all!)

And then, at long last, there was all the celebrating and hosting. From my husband's and son-in-law's Christmas Christmas New Year's New Year's Day. Whew!

The table's all set
Red and gold dominate!
 My Bûche de Noël dessert
There's nothing better than homemade gifts
The boys loved their Bildopolis Big Bilder kit!
Legos is always a favorite
Hallmark's recordable books are the best invention ever
Hot cocoa + homemade marshmallows = a very special Nonna treat
New Year's dessert: Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake (with dark chocolate ganache topping and white chocolate snowflake garnish)
My New Yorkers getting ready to drive cross country to LA

Now that the festivities are over and life is slowly getting back to normal, it's time to look forward to an even more wonderful, fun-filled new year. Happy 2013 to you all!


Katie said...

Your Bûche de Noël looks like it turned out wonderful! Happy Holidays, Maria!

Maria Isabella said...

Same to you, Katie!